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Are Your Employees Telling Your Brand's Story?

Marketers have the task of understanding their current and potential customers. With this information, marketers can tell a brand's story and connect with said customers through many channels, one of them being social media. Savvy marketers also know that getting employees involved in telling a brand's story, also referred to as Employee Advocacy, has many benefits.

As Employee Advocacy continues to gain momentum, keep the following tips in mind!

---> Employees want to be seen as thought leaders, not megaphones for your brand.

"Rather than positioning employees as loud-speakers for your organization, an employee advocacy platform will empower teams to be community advocates and educators within the space that your company operates."

---> Stand out by being trustworthy.

Your marketing presence has to achieve the same outcome of a heartfelt handshake or warm hug—which can be extremely challenging to do in a digital environment when your sales reps are limited to short emails, sales decks, and automated campaigns.

---> Utilize a Sharing Tool like Clearview Social

If your company culture is in a great place and executives are on board, another mistake is not valuing the importance of a tool to make employee advocacy easier.

Learn more about the benefits of Employee Advocacy and how a tool like ClearView Social can help amplify your brand's story by heading to

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