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How LinkedIn API Changes Will Affect Clearview Social

Since we began out mission to help professionals amplify their brands through social media, LinkedIn has been a key component of the functionality and success of Clearview Social. When LinkedIn announced its intention to migrate all of their API clients to their Version 2 API, we saw it as an opportunity to expand our product and develop new and creative ways to utilize social media. As LinkedIn’s API update is now on the horizon, and we want to inform you on how this will affect your experience on Clearview Social in the next couple of weeks.

Updated Login Permissions

permissionsThe first thing you may have noticed in the last few weeks is a prompt to authorize Clearview Social for your LinkedIn account when logging in. This is a standard prompt that you will receive from a social network such as LinkedIn or Facebook when first logging in through a third-party application. The reason you will see this prompt again is that as we migrate the new Version 2 API, new permissions are required to use those APIs.

The scope of these permissions remains unchanged, and Clearview Social does not require or access any additional information as a result of these changes.

We will also be migrating users to a new application to post on LinkedIn over the coming weeks, as we were recently accepted into the LinkedIn Marketing Developer Program. This will give us the ability to unlock new features and enhance your experience in the future! As we migrate to this new application called Share with Clearview Social, you will see a new authorization prompt. As stated before, no new permissions will be required with this change, and Clearview will not require any additional user information to post on your behalf.

Users Still on API Version 1

If you are still using Version 1 of the LinkedIn API (you have not received a prompt like the one above), you will still be able to post to LinkedIn until March 1, 2019. Our teams will begin reaching out to administrators with users still on Version 1 within the coming days to help avoid service interruption. Starting on March 1st we will deactivate any LinkedIn connections for users that remain on Version 1. These users will be prompted to reconnect to LinkedIn the next time they visit the software.

 We are excited about these next steps toward growing our software to meet your needs! We will be happy to answer any additional questions you may have about the upcoming changes as well, and you can reach out to, or via the chat bubble in the application any time for assistance.

 Thank you, and Happy Sharing!

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