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How to Make Your Customer Journey More Engaging With Visual Content

I've noticed a major difference in impressions and engagements between non-visual content and visual content while working as Marketing Coordinator at ClearView Social. One method I have used is creating visual-content for articles by authors outside of ClearView Social. This method let's us share relevant social media news to our followers while also bringing in viewers from the original authors following as well. My process includes finding royalty-free images (I use, putting those images into iMovie, adding in some text that describes big takeaways of an article and adding in some music ( and are my favorite sites). To conclude my process I post the video on social media and always tag the author, publication and what website I found the music on. Tagging not only gives credit but can also bring in viewers from those who were tagged!

Content is what pulls prospects through your buyer's journey, but making your content stand out is becoming more difficult. Here's how brands can use visual marketing to make their customer journey more engaging says, Daan Reijnders, CEO, Instant Magazine

Whitney Singleton is the Marketing Coordinator at ClearView Social, you can connect with her on LinkedIn here or see how she uses video visuals to make content more compelling @cv_social

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