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5 Forces that Affect the Competitive Environment in the Legal Industry

As I sat in my EMBA class learning about some of the most influential and well-respected business... Above the Law-Mar 11, 2015

4 Keys Reasons Why People Choose a Service Provider

LinkedIn has been around for almost ten years, yet still most professionals don't seem to...

Ten Quick Ways to Build Your Network

There is one rule for LinkedIn: Don't connect with total strangers — unless they seem interesting,...

Big Data? How About No Data?

There's a joke that 50 percent of marketing is effective, we just don't know which 50 percent. The...

Your Checklist for Twitter Success

Social-media tools are easy to use. Changing our old behaviors can prove more difficult. To help...

Sharing Online: It’s Not Just for Narcissists

Lets face it, we have reached an-all time high in narcissism in the United States. Facebook and...

Here's Your To-Do List for LinkedIn

"I'm a creature of routine," a successful law firm partner told me. "If I only had a list of...

More than half of statewide Start-Up NY jobs are in Western New York

More than half of statewide Start-Up NY jobs are in Western New York Buffalo News-Dec 16, 2014

Social Media (Not) for Zombies

Countless articles have been written about how professionals should strategically use social media...