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3 Blogging Secret Weapons (that are actually common sense)

Blogging is a great way to share valuable information with current and potential clients. Blogging...

3 eye-catching trends for social media in 2018

Social media is a great way to reach customers online because, well, almost everyone is on social...

Yanny vs. Laurel, and how Tricky Speech Recognition REALLY is

As most folks may already know, this last week saw a new version of the infamous dress debate, in...

"Cold calling is dead!" - give me a break.

If some of the "experts" on LinkedIn are to be believed, cold calling has seen it's sunset. Once...

Facebook, Google, and GDPR: The war for data privacy

    How is your data being used? Facebook's faux pas

Resolving that Client Problem: Fast and peacefully!

It's the worst! When an email or phone call comes in from an otherwise happy customer. They have a...

What Does it take to be a Great Client Success Manager?

I was having a conversation with a friend this past week who runs his own business. It came up in...

3 Retail Marketing Predictions To Watch In 2018

Experts are weighing in on the changing Retail Marketing landscape. Is your brand prepared?

Three Reasons Why Home Working will Grow in the Future

Hey there - It's Cole Kuhn, Regional Manager from Clearview Social

Maintaining Order in Product Development with Automated Testing

Maintaining Order