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SocialScore™ Will Change the Way you Share

At ClearView Social, we strive to create a platform that makes sharing content online as simple as a single click.  While simply sharing content is an excellent way to improve your professional presence, we also want to help you get the maximum ROI on the content that you share.  To help professionals achieve their best presence online, we are introducing a new metric based on the data we have collected in processing over 1.5 million articles and blog posts shared by professionals to LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook. It's called SocialScore™ and it will turn social media amateurs into social media rockstars. This post will explain how it works and how it can benefit your team.


SocialScore™ Basics

The mission behind SocialScore™ is simple: we want to reward you for sharing content that has been proven to garner more attention on social media.  We do this using the following methods:

  1. First, we analyze the results that users have achieved on our platform.
  2. Then, we use those results to provide an engine for suggesting improvements to your Shares.
  3. Finally, your rank on the Team Leaderboard will improve after following those suggestions.


What are the Advantages?

SocialScore™ is backed by data based on real-world usage of our software.  As our first foray into AI, we are continually updating the data we use and the metrics we track to get you the best suggestions possible.  When you follow our suggestions, we give you a competitive edge on the Leaderboard because we have seen results dramatically improve when these suggestions are used in a Share.  For instance, we know that adding hashtags to a Share will increase the visibility and reach of your post.  We know what networks are getting the highest number of clicks.  We want to share this knowledge with you!


Show me how it works!

When you schedule a Share using ClearView Social, our Share Modal will prompt you with any suggestions that will help improve your Share.  We also show you the current SocialScore™ for that Share based on what metrics you've already achieved.  When you follow one of our suggestions, you'll see a message indicating success!

Live Score Updates as You Edit Shares!


When you view your team's Leaderboard or your personal Results pages, you'll now see SocialScore™ measured along with your Shares and Clicks.  Your ranking on the Leaderboard is based on your SocialScore™, so you'll see the benefit of following best practices in more ways than just your Shares ROI.


Any Questions?

At ClearView Social, our slogan is Message Amplified. Results Measured.  We've been proud to help our clients craft their message and make their mark on social media.  Now with SocialScore™ we are using measured results to help amplify your message, and take your social media presence to the next level.

We will continue to add metrics to our platform to help you craft the best Shares possible.  If you have any questions about SocialScore™ or about ClearView Social, feel free to contact Chris LaFleur at chris@clearviewsocial.com.  We can schedule a demo for your team, or answer any questions you might have.

Happy Sharing!

- The ClearView Social Team

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