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Threaded Tweets Just Got a Whole Lot Easier

Have you ever gone on a Twitter rant? We've all been there. You have too much to say and it won't condense nicely into a single tweet. Thus began the Twitter thread, where the original tweet author replies to their own message to create a line of comments detailing their thoughts.

Twitter has seen the popularity of threaded tweets and made the creation of multiple-message threads a whole lot easier.

Twitter . . . announced a set of changes that will make the Twitter essay, also known as the tweetstorm or thread, a core feature rather than a workaround.

When you go to write a new tweet inside of or the Twitter app, you'll notice a new + icon next to the Tweet button. Clicking the plus icon will open Twitter's new thread editor, allowing you to create multiple sequential tweets on one screen.

What do you think of this change? What's your next tweetstorm topic?

Christie Jennings-Wyckoff is a Senior Developer at ClearView Social.

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