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What's New In ClearView Social: Rich Messages in Queues

Welcome back to our recurring series, What's New In ClearView Social, where we keep our customers appraised of the constant stream of features gushing out of ClearView Social's development department. Here to introduce today's feature is our special office guest, Mickey:

When you got your ClearView Social Welcome Kit, did it include a copy of our office dog Mickey? No, only the original in our office has him. When you got your ClearView Social Welcome Kit, did it include a copy of our office dog Mickey? No, only our office has him.

This week we're announcing Rich Messages in Queues!

Rich Messages in Queues

The pillar of ClearView Social is the Queue email, and our customers always want to do more with it. You can add a custom message for your team at the top of a Queue email, but over time, we've learned that some ClearView Social administrators really like giving robust instructions in this message and a plain-text paragraph wasn't cutting it.

Rich Messages adds a mini Microsoft Word style formatter at the top of the queue so that you can craft your message with more care. You can include bold text, italic text, pull quotes, bullet lists, subheadings, and more!

Here's an example of me putting a Rich Message at the top of one of my queues:


And here is what this queue looks like once I send it out to my team:


You don't have to do anything special to use Rich Messages in your Queues. The toolbar is there if you want to use it. If you're not into the extra fancy stuff, you can still just type a plain message as you always have!

Not really into putting big messages in Queues at this time?

We'd encourage you to give it a try! In the Queue emails that we send, the message appears next to your smiling face and is the first thing the user sees. Some of our most successful ClearView Social administrators actually type very involved messages at the top of each Queue, and we frankly see a big difference in results. A message like "Please click the Share button" might seem simple, but explicitly explaining what you'd like from each user helps clear up any confusion the user might have. Try giving a heads-up about which items are the most important or highlighting particularly exciting items! Give them the "story behind the content" or take the time to congratulate a user who had a visible story last week. (The message in my sample screenshots above, while it might seem over-the-top, is actually an example of the effective explicitness we see our most prolific queue senders use!)

Any questions or concerns?

We're always here for any questions. Use the chat bubble in the lower right of ClearView Social to talk with us anytime. Plus, if we can't answer your question today, I can escalate it to Mickey.

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