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10 Reasons Why Kim Kardashian West Should Use Clearview Social Once She Becomes a Lawyer



If you’ve ever found yourself wondering who the Digital Marketing Coordinator of Clearview Social deems the queen of her era, your question is about to be answered. While this answer could change depending on the day, a name that would come up more often than not is Kim Kardashian West. Love her or hate her, you cannot deny this woman is one of the most known people in the world.

I was actually shocked to discover that West’s recent Vogue cover was her first ever solo Vogue Magazine cover. But given the fact that she has started her own makeup company, has advocated for issues she’s passionate about on Capitol Hill, and is studying to become a lawyer, now is as good a time as any. While most may be shocked by the headline “Kim Kardashian West is Studying to Become a Lawyer,” I was not. Given the fact that she has done so much within the last few years, and since her father was one of the lawyers for O.J. Simpson, when I read the headline I thought, “Why not!?”

The headline also prompted me to make the “joke” that if Kim Kardashian West ever launched her own practice, I "dibs" pitching Clearview Social, our namesake social sharing employee advocacy tool, to her! Then I began to think of what I would actually say if the opportunity came up. While the software has tons of different features that a firm would find helpful and useful, here are 10 reasons why Kim Kardashian West should use Clearview Social once she becomes a lawyer:

1. Cohesive Branding 

If you’ve ever taken a look at Kim Kardashian West’s social media, you would know that every picture, color, and frequency of post is calculated. Clearview Social allows for the designated marketer at a company to curate company content to be sent out to their professionals. By being able to handpick the content, you can have a consistent brand voice when your professionals share to social media!

2. Ability to Enlist Her Users' Support with Share Queues

Following up on cohesive branding, the feature within Clearview Social that really enables this is our Share Queue. After marketers find the content they want their users to share, they can easily get that content to them via an Email Queue: 

She has a very loyal following and we know her users would jump at the chance to receive an email queue from her.

3. Ease of Use

Kardashian West is a very busy lady so I would imagine that in order to be efficient with her time, she would need a software that is easy to learn and understand. At Clearview Social, we have four core values, one of which is simplicity. From the very beginning, we’ve tried to make our software as simple and easy to use as possible.

4. It’s Made For the Social Media Mogul or the Reluctant Professional

While Kardashian West is already a social media pro, we understand that not everyone finds using social media useful. Within Clearview Social, we have features for the social media mogul, such as the ability to add comments, the ability to add RSS feeds, and the ability to share articles someone finds on their own. We also offer features for the reluctant professional who just wants to click one button and be done.

5. You Can Easily See Results

Kim Kardashian West’s post can gather around 3 million likes within 24 hours, so we imagine she would love the Clearview Social results page! On the results page, you can see how many shares and clicks your posts get and even track conversion.


6. You Can See Who is Clicking on Your Posts

Within Clearview Social, we offer “Find Out Who” which allows you to see the information of the people clicking on your posts. We know she has to deal with a lot of social media trolls, so we imagine she would find this feature yourself in case she wanted to clap back.

7. Saves Time by Scheduling Out Posts

Between filming what will be season 17 of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, and taking care of baby number four due in early May, we know she would like the fact that our software allows you to schedule posts in advance. If you know you have a hectic week coming up, you can make sure your social media presence is taken care of.

8. Uses A.I. to Find the Best Time Slots Based on the Latest Data

When posting to social media, timing is everything. You will get a lot more likes, comments, and shares when you post during a reasonable time vs first thing in the morning at 6 am. Clearview Social has an A.I.-driven feature called PeakTime where, based on data we’ve collected, you can schedule your posts to be shared out at the best possible time to social media.

9. Custom branding URL

We know Kardashian West cares about her branding, so we think she would like the fact that we allow our clients to have custom URLs appear on posts shared through Clearview Social.

10. Leaderboard to Motivate Followers to Get to the Top

At Clearview Social, we try to be efficient and accountable with our work, but we also like to have some fun! With the Leaderboard feature, users can see who the top sharer at their company is. Everyone loves a little competition and it can also help motivate people who may otherwise not take the time to share.

 Those are 10 Reasons Why Kim Kardashian West Should Use Clearview Social Once She Becomes a Lawyer. What did you think!? Let me know on social media. If you want to continue to learn about how you get your employees sharing, check out this guide: 10 Ways to Get Your Employees Sharing to Social Media.




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