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3 eye-catching trends for social media in 2018

Social media is a great way to reach customers online because, well, almost everyone is on social media! The issue? So are your competitors. In a sea of competition, how can you stand out?

“For marketers searching for a social media platform that can provide access to a growing audience of highly engaged users, Instagram has become a market leader.” —Owlmetrics, Instagram Stories Made Simple: A Step-by-Step Guide.

Here are 3 trends to implement on social media in 2018, according to Canva:

#1. Instagram

According to Canva, "Instagram is the new Facebook" and marketers should take note. Have you brushed up on your photo editing skills? Know what a Boomerang is? How about capitalizing on the power of video with Instagram Live or Stories? If you're a marketer and have yet to get comfortable on the platform, now is the time.


#2. Original, Niche Content

Consumers are digitally savvy and can recognize when a brand delivers a message that's not "organic." Stock photos? Forget them. Consumers know when a brand is taking shortcuts and when it is authentic. Use your authentic voice on social media to attract new customers while also growing a community with your current base.


#3. Facebook Groups

"Cultivating communities around your brand has proven to be an incredibly powerful way to connect—and stay connected to—a core audience of customers who are engaged and willing to help each other out." With close to 1.45 Billion daily active users on Facebook, it's more important than ever to carve out your brand's corner of the web. Facebook groups allow for a targeted focus while also strengthening your connections with members. For Facebook Groups, it is important to remember "quality over quantity" as the Groups may have a smaller audience but that audience should ideally be focused and fully engaged.


Knowing all of this, how do you plan to implement new trends in your social media marketing? Weigh in below!




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