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3 Social Media Trends to Watch in 2018

Social media trends may change year over year but one thing remains the same: it is not going anywhere. With this in mind, we're breaking down 3 trends to watch on social media in 2018!


#1. Sponsored Posts

"Because of new algorithms on many social media platforms, it can be difficult for businesses to gain visibility with organic content. This is why paid content, or sponsored posts, are a growing social media trend." Recent algorithm changes, namely on Facebook and Instagram, have had a major impact on how a company assigns advertising dollars.


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The phrase "pay to play" when referring to Facebook is common. That being said, when a brand supports a post with advertising dollars, the potential reach and engagement is stronger. Does your brand utilize paid or sponsored posts to maximize reach on Facebook? What results have you seen, good or bad?


#2. Chatbots

"With more users taking advantage of the private messaging feature on social media apps, it’s important for businesses to communicate effectively with their followers." Chatbots allow for an immediate response to inbound messages from followers, showing your company is available 24/7.


#3. Employee Advocacy

"Businesses that have formal employee advocacy programs, where employees are taught digital skills to effectively use social media as a business tool, see a higher ROI in terms of their user engagement."

Studies show that 33 percent of buyers trust messages they see from a brand, while 90 percent trust messages from a connection or an individual. 

Here at ClearView Social, we're especially partial to trend #3. Maximizing reach and awareness on social media via approved, social-friendly posts for employees positions your company as thought leaders. It will also increase your company's website traffic, ROI on social media, as well as increased leads which in turn translates to increased revenue! Not to mention your employees will become familiar with the world of social media leading to new opportunities in content marketing, inbound marketing, writing blogs, and more. Learn more about how ClearView Social can get your employees sharing on social media with just one click!


Armed with 3 social media trends for 2018, how do you plan to adjust your strategy? Had you heard about Chatbots before today? Weigh in below!




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