3 Ways Your Company LinkedIn Page Can Support Your Employees

Posted by Gavin Syme on Jul 25, 2021 6:31:19 AM

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LinkedIn pages aren’t a great standalone marketing tool, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have potential to make an impact. They may not be a lead generation tool, but are a great way to support your employees, encourage them, and help increase their success on LinkedIn.

 Corporate pages don’t typically garner high engagement rates, or gaudy numbers of followers, but that’s only because of the way most users interact with LinkedIn. They typically are following 10x more people than companies. I always joke that nobody wakes up in the morning and wonder first thing what a specific corporation has shared on LinkedIn. Social media is about people, hence the word “social.”

Once you change your mindset and accept that LinkedIn corporate pages will never be a good tool for lead generation, you can instead generate positive awareness for your business. Here are three great ways to do it:


Surprisingly, accolades perform extremely well on LinkedIn and generate some of the highest engagement numbers. When an individuals wins an award, most are uncomfortable sharing about it. Optimistically, it looks gracious; worst case, it looks narcissistic.

The alternative is that the company page shares it out and tags the awardee, making the post congratulatory instead of self-promotional. Tag other people who may be interested or know the person winning the award and you have the potential to make the post go viral.

Posting these kinds of accolades is a great way to support your team and it’s one of the few things that company pages can do well. You could also have a peer share your accolade, but the Corporate LinkedIn page is an easy and effective tool for this.


Like your employee's posts on LinkedIn with the company account. It’s only takes a moment, and it will boost the audience of those posts. More importantly it will make your employee feel supported and empowered.

One of the most common things I see is an employee start to share company content on LinkedIn, but after a week with no engagement, comments, or likes, they may just give up. It’s fairly typical to see low engagement when starting out, because it takes a bit to get the ball rolling. This causes many to just quit sharing.

Like the posts of your employees with the company account, and you break the ice. You also greatly increase the chance your employee will continue sharing.


The next level from liking your employee's post is to re-share. It’s just another step that’ll bring more eyes to your people’s shares. Of course, you want to add a little company commentary to the share, but other than that, it’s rather simple. Just hit the share button.

It’s instances like these where corporate social media pages can be the most successful. They’re never going to be your star quarterback, but they can still help you get into the endzone.

If liking every employee post and re-sharing the ones that are performing well seems like too much of a hassle, give a product like Gaggle Amp or Clearview Social a try. These tools automate likes of company posts by employees, and help you scale your employee advocacy program quickly.

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