Is Your Social Media Program Too Complicated?

Posted by Brian Watkins on Jul 25, 2021 6:31:19 AM

“I tried to get my employees to use social media for business. It didn’t work!”

I hear this every once in a while from weary marketers. After I ask follow-up questions about their strategy, I usually find out that their program was overly-complicated. They added too many steps, too many incentives, or required already busy professionals to do too much extra work. That’s a recipe for failure.

We’re talking about change management here. Change is difficult! Especially when you’re talking about adding a new job to an employee’s existing job.

That’s why I feel so strongly about the importance of keeping things simple when implementing any marketing program. Especially when trying to get your employees sharing on social media. Marketers need to find ways to minimize the effort required of employees.

This is a problem that our founder, Adrian Dayton, recognized over five years ago.

Responding to this need, he originally designed Clearview Social for busy lawyers who just didn’t have time to post firm content to their social media accounts. Over time he realized that this need isn’t unique to the legal industry. In fact, almost every industry that we talk to is struggling to get their employees active on social media.

This is especially true in the real estate industry, where agents must do marketing alongside their many other responsibilities. In the past few years, Clearview Social has had success in the real estate industry due to the fact that most agents see the importance of establishing credibility. But successful agents spend their time showing homes and closing deals - they don’t have time to curate the latest relevant content.

A new client of ours, Hunt Real Estate, is a great example of this. Hunt Real Estate is an agency with nearly 1,300 real estate professionals in multiple states. When we spoke to their’ director of marketing, Dan Mirsky, he shared that he was looking for something that could simplify their marketing efforts. According to Dan, “Due to the busy nature of our industry, our agents do not always have the time to dedicate to social media.” Hunt Real Estate was already creating great marketing content, so by implementing Clearview Social they not only simplified the sharing process for their agents but amplified their message and reach by utilizing Clearview Social’s queue feature.

After seeing so many social media programs with lofty goals fail due to too many required steps, we have come to the conclusion that the way to succeed in this space is to make things as easy as possible for the end user to get started. It must be part of their existing workflow.

Let us know if you’d like to learn more about making social media simple for your employees.

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