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Clearview Adds Two New Members to its Executive Team

Clearview Social recently welcomed two new department heads and members of the executive team. Brian Watkins is our new VP of Marketing and Shawn Christensen is our new VP of Sales. Brian will be heading up all marketing and PR initiatives while Shawn will be leading sales efforts as we expand our business. We sat down with our new team members to learn a bit more about them:


Whitney: Tell me about your professional background. 

BW: I got my start in public relations working for a firm in Los Angeles. I represented a lot of tech clients, including Yahoo! and Symantec. I took a year to help run a non-profit and even had a short stint as the General Manager of a minor league baseball team in San Diego, Calif. We generated a lot of publicity when we signed former major leaguer Jose Canseco! After a week of intense national media coverage, and only one game played, Canseco demanded a trade. I got a crash course in crisis communications when I had to go back to the local media outlets to explain why trading him for a Cuban pitcher with little experience was good for the team. Later I worked for Omniture and Adobe and then went on to lead global social media strategy at Symantec, maker of the Norton Internet Security products. I was responsible for corporate communications, social media, and content at a health care company for the past three years.

SC: I’ve been in Sales and Marketing for almost 20 years now. I originally went to school for accounting, but during that time, I found a passion for sales. I finished up my accounting degree at the University of Utah, then switched gears and I’ve been in sales ever since. I’ve worked in Digital Media and Advertising for the past 18 years, and absolutely loved it!

Whitney: Why did you want to work for Clearview Social?

BW: I’m so excited to join Clearview Social because I believe in the product and the company’s leadership. I see it as a huge opportunity to be a part of a growing company.

SC:  More than anything it’s because of the product and how much our customers enjoy it. I consulted Clearview Social for a few years working closely with Adrian on sales and client success. Through that experience I was able to see how much Clearview clients love the product, which speaks volumes to bright future this company has.

Whitney: What has your most memorable moment been thus far while working at Clearview Social?

BW: Shortly after starting at the company we had an incredible off-site. We spent a few days at a cabin in Park City, Utah and collaborated about our company strategy for 2019. It was so great to get to know the entire team and work and have fun with them.

SC: The company retreat was amazing. It was nice to spend three days together in a cabin, work hard, and come up with future plans for the company. An in-house chef, snowmobiling and pool tournaments surely added to the experience.

Whitney: Where can we find you/what can we find you doing when you aren’t working?

BW: When I’m not working I’m usually driving my kids to soccer practice or some other activity. Maybe I’m weird, but I can’t wait until my 15-year-old turns 16 and can drive!

SC: I’m at the soccer field most Saturday’s watching my son play soccer. You can also find me at local schools watching my daughters act in various plays, or playing volleyball. When I get time to myself, I’m either on the golf course or watching movies and Utah Utes football.

Whitney: Describe yourself in 3 words.

BW: I'm outgoing, I'm a storyteller, and I try to find common ground.

SC: Happy. Competitive. Motivated. Brian used way more than 3 words.

Whitney: What do you want to accomplish in this role?

BW: My goal is to help Clearview Social grow even more in the coming years and expand to additional markets. I see a huge need in the marketplace that Clearview Social can help solve.

SC: I want to bring Clearview Social to all companies with content strategies. I also want to create a sales environment where our team works well together, has fun, is successful, and can reach their personal goals.

Clearview social is very excited to have Brian and Shawn on board. If you want to continue to follow Brian and Shawn, you can find them on LinkedIn.

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