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What Would a Clearview Mobile App Look Like?

Since I've transitioned to working primarily as a JavaScript developer over the last 7-8 years, I've watched eagerly as The Web Platform emerged as a concept. First discussed by Mozilla and Google Engineers back in 2011-2012, the idea was posited that one could access things like cellphone cameras, GPS devices, and more through the language I was using. Considering the web is mostly full of forms and carousels, branching out into new types of technology was exciting. The idea that you could write applications for handheld mobile, tablet, or wearable devices using web languages is the sort of thing that keeps a developer going!

At Clearview Social, we're always looking for ways to innovate our products while meeting our customers' actual needs. In doing so, I've been investigating technologies that would work with our current software, and brainstorming ideas on how it could improve our platform. What if, in a Clearview mobile app, you could:

  1. Get notifications of new Queues, and swipe them to share content?
  2. Get recommendations for content to share based on where you're located?
  3. Receive an alert when a potential lead has clicked your content?

These are a few of the ideas I've had, and they are ideas that could fit well into our existing software stack. We use Amazon Web Services (AWS) to power many of our services, and within AWS there exists an emerging set of tools for building mobile applications as well. These include services for things such as Push Notifications and Device Authentication. AWS recently released a library called Amplify for connecting JavaScript applications to existing AWS services.

AWS Amplify is a JavaScript library for frontend and mobile developers building cloud-enabled applications. The library is a declarative interface across different categories of operations in order to make common tasks easier to add into your application. The default implementation works with Amazon Web Services (AWS) resources but is designed to be open and pluggable for usage with other cloud services that wish to provide an implementation or custom backends.


Using tools like AWS Amplify, we have a decent foundation for building mobile applications that will fit into our existing infrastructure. As a developer I'm honestly thrilled about the kinds of opportunities that Amplify can get us started with!

So what kinds of features could you imagine in a Clearview mobile app? Leave me a comment and let me know what you're thinking!

Until the next time, Happy Sharing!

Eric is a Senior Full-Stack Engineer for Clearview Social. He has worked in the web development world for more than 15 years. He's done time as an author and speaker, and is the organizer of the JavaScript Meetup Group, BuffaloJS.

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