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Emotional Intelligence Has 12 Elements. Which Do You Need to Work On?

I like to consider myself a person of higher EI, and this article really hit home. If you think of every character trait as being a trade-off between two, a higher EI trait means a lack in something else. So while it's generally seen as a great thing to have a high EQ, it's more important for leaders to be well-rounded, and sometimes this means lowering your EI - or at least working on bringing up something else. Looking at this graphic of the 12 elements of EI, it's helpful to understand what can be improved on to be a better all-around leader.

In order to excel, leaders need to develop a balance of strengths across the suite of EI competencies. When they do that, excellent business results follow.

Chris is COO of ClearView Social - the easiest way to get your professionals sharing on social media - and a die-hard Buffalonian

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