These inventions created more than just billions of dollars of revenue, they changed the way we live, play, and work. NASA naysayers claim the space race was all a waste of money and that money could have better gone towards healthcare or reducing poverty. While both noble and important goals, it takes far more than just resources to create innovation. The combination of terribly difficult challenges and a clear vision for the future, help us to grow, and make discoveries that would never have been revealed otherwise.

What will your epidemic breakthrough be? Change through adversity is inevitable; how we choose to show up for ourselves and for those around us will dictate the nature and quality of that change. It has been almost a full month of quarantine for most of us. In this time you may have felt powerless at certain points, and thats ok, but this next month make a commitment to lean in to the challenge and put in the work to change in ways that will carry on well after we are on the other side of this. Who knows, maybe you will invent the next Tang*?

*Tang is a sweet artificially flavored orange beverage that was invented by General Mills food scientist William A. Mitchell. While not created specifically for the space program, Tang became famous after John Glenn drank it on his Mercury flight in 1962.

As originally seen on Forbes