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I'm Hooked On Pocket for Content, and You Should be Too

Here's the problem. I love social media, I love to write, but I don't have time to search for great content to share. For the past ten years, this has frustrated me to no end. I mean, I'm a decent researcher, and I follow a ton of people on Twitter that share good content, but it just takes so much work to find the good stuff. My frustration is complicated by the fact that I've created a software product called Clearview Social that makes it easy to get large organizations sharing to social media (we now have over 24,000 users) and I haven't had a great answer to the question, "where do I go to find great content quickly?" That's why I've been delighted by the intelligence of

(I have no connection or relationship of any kind with GetPocket, I just really love their product.)

Here how it works:

First, you log in and save a few articles to that you think are interesting.

Second, you receive emails with suggested articles you might be interested in.

Third, (and this is where the magic happens) Pocket get's smarter and smarter every time you choose anything to read. The email digests get better and better the more you use it. 

I have tried several other products that have claimed to have this functionality, but Pocket is legit.

Conclusion: Pocket is a game changer as far as I'm concerned. I only use the free version, but I've really loved it so far. Give a try and let me know what you think. Not only will it make you smarter, but by sharing those articles you will also look smarter.

Adrian Dayton is the Founder of ClearView Social, used by over 20,000 professionals to share thought leadership to their individual social networks. Adrian is also the author of two books on social media for professionals and is a regular on the speaking circuit for keynotes and partner retreats. Click here for a free copy of his new strategy guide, 9 Ways to Get Your Employees Sharing 

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