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Original Posting

CVS Headshots C-45-1Have an announcement, award or image from a company event you’d like your users to share? Now you can with the brand new original posting feature. 

With original posting, you can Share or suggest an image, text or combination of both, but most importantly, shares are no longer required to have a link.

This opens up multiple new ways to get your employees engaged and sharing items other than links to articles. Do you want to post an image of the most recent company retreat? Done. A quick shout out to the great caterers at the said retreat? We’ve got you. Want to share a gif of your loud coworker, Todd, slipping and falling into a pile of hot wings? We can make that happen.

It’s super simple; just go to your ‘My Shares’ page and select ‘Create Share.’ There you can input whatever image or line of text that you want to be shared without using a link.

All you admins out there, you can also suggest Unique Shares within your queue as well. Visit ‘Build Queue’ and open a queue you’ve been working on or start a new one. Click ‘Create Queue’ and instead of just pasting in links, as usual, tap that ‘Create Share’ button. There you can upload whatever you need.

This new feature opens up so many new opportunities, including, but not limited to:

  • Photos from company conferences/activities
  • Text updates about recent company news
  • Season Greetings (Happy Valentine’s Day, guys)
  • Tips (we’re hitting tax season, I’m looking at you, accountants)
  • Congratulatory images, whenever a new deal is closed
  • Company-made gifs and memes

And a whole lot more. If you have any questions regarding original posting, check out our help doc located here.

Onward and upward!

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