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Parents, Please Don't Attend Your Adult Child's Job Interview

Would we be better off with more free range parents?

There have been a ton of labels thrown around at Millennials: tech savvy, sheltered, and lazy just to name a few. Often times these youngsters (to be honest I'm barely a year out of qualifying as a Millennial myself) don't even realize they are doing it.

The craziest thing I've heard? A disturbing trend where parents show up with children to job interviews. What? Check out this this from a recent Forbes Article, Parents, Please Don't Attend Your Child's Job Interview

Employers say mothers are more likely to attend career fairs to collect information on their child’s behalf and they are more likely to make arrangements for interviews. They are more likely to hear from fathers regarding salary negotiations, disciplinary measures, and rejections.

Not surprisingly, employers report parental involvement as negative. Imagine a mother sitting next to her son in an interview saying, “My son is a real self-starter.” And it’s hard for a young adult to convince a prospective employer that she’s motivated when her parents submit a resume on her behalf.

What's behind all this? I think in all truthfulness, the difference between kids now and when I was younger, I didn't have my life scheduled out for me. I never had a single, "play date" instead I rode my BMX over to Luke's house after school until it was time to get home for dinner. Nowadays kids aren't learning to explore and as a result they are far less resilient and unprepared for the big world out there.

Adrian Dayton is the Founder of ClearView Social, used by over 20,000 professionals to share thought leadership to their individual social networks. Adrian is also the author of two books on social media for professionals and is a regular on the speaking circuit for keynotes and partner retreats.

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