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Returning to Work After Having a Baby: Technology to the Rescue

Hi! I'm Lindsey, Director of Client Success at ClearView Social and a new mother. The thought of balancing a newborn with work was daunting, but Technology has made my transition back to work a smooth and easy one. The ability to work from wherever I am, at the optimal times has been a huge benefit. This is in large part to a few factors: the convenience of new technology, and the availability of pretty great maternity leave policies.

Technology has been the biggest help. We have a babysitter who watches our son during the day and the ability for her to ask me a simple quick question via text puts my mind at ease which allows me to effectively focus on my work. Also, the ability to work from home using tools like Slack, Trello, and Salesforce makes it easy for me to be home on certain days and still complete my work and sit in on the important meetings. (This depends highly on if Anthony sticks to his nap schedule or not, but that's a whole other blog post!)

Our company offers a competitive maternity leave policy similar to what other tech companies offer. A mix of full pay and partial pay for extra time home is a good middle ground for a growing company. This is a new trend that is being seen more and more in our industry. More and more companies are realizing they need these types of policies if they want to attract talented workers. It's just about retention, though as this quote explains- its also about have a more fair workplace:


A robust maternity and paternity leave policy doesn’t just help companies retain and recruit talented parents, it can create a more equitable workplace culture.

This article also notes that "to keep young, hungry employees and their knowledge of your product, your company benefits need to grow with them." This is why the StartUp Tech world has jumped on the competitive maternity/ paternity leave band-wagon.

The world is changing and motherhood, maternity leave and returning to work postpartum is not what it used to be. It's incredible how far technology and our society has come, I can't wait to see what comes next! (Perhaps a robot nanny ?!)

Lindsey Ziccardi // Director of Client Success. You can connect with me on LinkedIn for questions about getting your employees sharing to social media, or you can find my favorite recipes at

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