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Social Media And Content Marketing: Influencers Here to Stay

With the start of a new year, marketers are looking at past trends to predict the future. One trend that continues to gain importance is a strong content marketing strategy. Content marketing is more than blogs and e-books! Consider this:

Statistics show that nearly 40% of Twitter users claimed to have made a purchase as a direct result of a social media influencer’s tweet. Its counterparts, like email marketing, paid searches, display advertising, content searches and affiliate marketing, have taken a backseat as the growth of influencer marketing comes at full speed.

Knowing this, how can your brand implement a strong Influencer Marketing strategy? Here are three tips!

#1. Know Your Audience

Knowing who your audience is listening to and engaging with online already will shape the influencers your brand will want to work with. Where is your audience currently spending time online and who are they currently listening to on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube? Get to know these online personalities known as Influencers and brainstorm how your brand could get involved with their communities!

#2. Wow the Potential Influencer

So you found the perfect online Influencer for your brand? Great! Now it's time to "wow" them. Short of reaching out directly to partner with an Influencer, many brands choose to send PR Packages for new launches, new specials, new products, etc. How can your brand stand apart in a sea of PR Packages? Knowing the Influencer's likes, dislikes, personality quirks, and a few personal touches can go a long way!

Example: An Influencer your brand would like to partner with just got a new puppy. Your brand sees this and sends said Influencer a new customized, branded pet accessories kit in the mail. The Influencer loves it so much they share on their Instagram Story or Snapchat. Perhaps it makes it into a video or blog post. Boom! For the price of a small gift, your brand has the potential to reach thousands of eager viewers. Want to take it further? Read on...

#3. Be Authentic

Influencer Marketing is still a somewhat new concept. Savvy brands know that authenticity is paramount when working with online Influencers. What does this mean? Give the Influencer freedom to talk about your brand and products freely. Scripted content? Forget about it. Influencers are trusted by their online communities and betraying that trust could lead to backlash for both the Influencer and your brand. Work with Influencers that you trust and who fit your brand and allow for organic conversations, and sales, to flow!

Are you ready to take on 2018? Let us know how your brand prepares for the start of a new year!

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