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What's New In ClearView Social: Engagement Popups, Self-Enrollment, Pokemon Go

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It's me, your friendly neighborhood Chief Engineer of ClearView Social: Bill Boulden! I'm back again with another update about the constant weekly improvements to our software. You can (and should) check out last week's update here.

Hover on Queue Engagement For More Data

The Queue Engagement page is already the lifeblood of the software from an analytics standpoint. No solution can be effective if you just fire off content blindly without checking back on its performance to make intelligent decisions about what is working and what isn't. Queue Engagement does exactly that, and now it does it one popup better.

If you mouse over the faces of the users who've shared a queue, you get a "Quick Look" at the numbers of clicks, EMV, and specific share times and networks they've contributed to these particular queue items. It works on both the queue overall summary as well as the per-item overlay for when you are looking at a specific queue. Neat!


Remember that individually mousing over a bunch of stuff is great for quick looks but not good for hardcore data analysis. If you're trying to run numbers, all this data remains available as a cold, hard CSV if you use the Export & Download CSV option on the Queue Engagement page.

User Self-Enrollment

We've learned that ClearView Social rollouts at organizations come in all shapes and sizes: some firms can casually begin inviting everybody to the software, whereas some have to tightly structure their rollout into one double-checked-stamped-approved "Official Rollout". There's no single right way to onboard your users, which is why we offer multiple ways to do so—and we're proud to unveil a new way this week that is a good fit for the more relaxed firms.

User Self-Enrollment gives you a URL such as "" where anybody who has an email address matching "" may willingly self-enroll into your ClearView Social. Once they enter their email address, they'll become a regular user of the software just like somebody you added manually.


We believe an effective use case for User Self-Enrollment is for smaller organizations that balk at the imposition of having to put together a large, formal rollout plan. Simply email your whole department telling them to pass around the "/enrollment/..." URL to everyone and allow people to opt-in.


User self-enrollment arrives later this week, as it isn't quite ready at the time of this posting, but you can get a sneak-peak through our help documentation at What is Self-Enrollment? Look for it soon.

Hot Social Media Topic Of The Week

One thing I can't stress enough about effective Social Media usage is that an effective brand voice is a natural mixture of one's own content with generally relevant content... and dramatically less of the former than the latter. Guidelines vary, but one common figure is 10%. A thought leader on social media shares one item about themselves or their own firm for every nine general knowledge, business advice, or trending topic pieces.

The most successful queues sent by any organization in ClearView Social follow this pattern. One piece of content about the firm mixed with generally useful articles for your readers such as "Ten Ways Healthcare Law Has Changed In 2016" or even more widely useful "Five Tips For Professionals On LinkedIn". (P.S. If you haven't put our handsome founder Adrian Dayton's excellent "Five Reasons Nobody Is Seeing Your Updates On LinkedIn" in a queue yet, there's still time.)

This brings me to the idea of trending topics. Every week, there's a fascinating concept in the world that people can't seem to get enough of, and you can drive engagement way up by finding ways to link that into your domain. A few weeks ago, we saw that bump with Brexit. Brexit was everywhere, and regardless of your field, there was a way to educate your audience about how Brexit impacts it. Employment law? Find a piece about the changing rules of work visas as Britain leaves the EU. Finance industry? The markets were going crazy.

This week's hot topic is Pokémon Go. The revolutionary mobile game has captured an unprecedented share of people's attention across all ages and in doing so it's exposed several fascinating new ideas in all areas of knowledge, even those seemingly unrelated to video games. Employers are banning employees from Pokémon hunting on the job. Property owners are discovering trespassers hunting for rare beasts on their property. Nintendo's valuation has gained over 30% at the time of writing. No matter your practice area, I promise you that if you share a Pokémon Go related piece this week, you'll get clicks. Here's one from the ABA to get you started: Pokemon Go Spurs Lawyers To Stop And Consider Legal Issues

Also, our developer Christie caught a Spearow inside ClearView Social!


For the sake of argument, pretend that she caught a Weedle or Caterpie so that I could make a joke about there being bugs in the software.



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