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What's New In ClearView Social: Industry News and San Diego Comic Con

Keep reading to learn about Industry News, the new feature in ClearView Social that lets users find more share fuel from amongst the most recent breaking updates provided by Manzama™ data.

Bill Boulden, your Chief Engineer of ClearView Social here. Normally I lead in these feature announcements with a photo of Yours Truly, but the outrageous humidity in Buffalo has done a number on my lovely pink hair today (I look like I've seen a ghost in need of busting, or something). So here's a photo of everyone's favorite Director of Client Success, Lindsey Ziccardi, with our company values. If you use the in-app chat bubble to ask any support questions, it's typically Lindsey picking up!


Anyway, there's been another major upgrade to ClearView Social this last week. Let's waste no time in talking about Industry News.

Industry News is a new area of the Share Page that takes full advantage of our partnership with Manzama by allowing users to find trending news and breaking stories as they emerge in their industries, supplying them with more content to share. Please note, it's a user-facing feature, not an admin-facing one, so "you" in the following paragraphs is a "you" that includes your team... they can browse and access Industry News on their own!

To get there, go to your Share Page and click "Browse Industry News".


On the Industry News page, you can use the category selector to browse nearly 100 different feeds—each of which updates dozens of times a day—of breaking news particular to that industry. Whether you want something as generic as Healthcare News or something as specific as Aviation & Maritime Law Litigation, you're sure to find interesting goodies within.


If you like what you see, you can opt to have the Industry News delivered to your email inbox automatically, as though it was a personal queue being sent to you from an admin, but for your eyes only. You can also add any RSS feed or your choice, pick a schedule for being emailed the content, and more! Learn all the remaining details at our FAQ article about Industry News.

Hot Social Media Topic Of The Week: San Diego Comic-Con

While the true hot social media topic of the week, at least in America, is the Republican and Democratic National Conventions, our social media wisdom is that it's best to avoid political material in professional brand-building. (Unless, of course, your brand is political, in which case fire away, but if this applied to you then you'd probably already know you were an exception.) Occasionally, something like Brexit comes along where, despite being political in nature, there are all kinds of apolitical analyses to be written—for instance, you don't need to take a stance on Brexit to write a piece such as "How will the change in work visas impact UK employment law"? The same can't be said of the RNC and DNC. Tempers are too hot in this country presently and can flare up at the slightest perceived disapproval of one's favored candidate. Stay far away.

A much safer hot topic for the week comes from ClearView Social Senior Developer/Feline Enthusiast Christie Jennings-Wyckoff, who advises San Diego Comic-Con as a safe bet for clicks. If you haven't been paying attention, over the last decade comics went from being a niche pastime of a geek-enthusiast crowd to being synonymous with Hollywood, TV, Video Games, and essentially the entire entertainment industry, and correspondingly SDCC is more like the Oscars than it is a comic-swap-meet.

It might seem like a challenge to tie such an event into your professional field, but if you can cook up a headline that puts someone's nerdy interests into your knowledge domain, then you'll get clicks by piggybacking off their existing enthusiasm. An easy approach, if you work in intellectual property, is to discuss the rumors that the Marvel punishment of Fox over its retention of X-Men rights might be ending soon. If you work in recruiting, it's a great time to revisit answers to the old interview gotcha "What superhero would you be"? Or if you work in civil rights, it's never too late to assess the fictional legality of the Mutant Registration Act.

See you next week when we announce more ClearView Social features!

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