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What's New In ClearView Social: PeakTime Updates, Improved Help, Resend Login Emails

Photo on 7-11-16 at 5.02 PM

Hello, ClearView Social users and administrators! It's me, Bill Boulden, your friendly neighborhood Chief Engineer of CVS. I'm the nifty nerd that's in charge of keeping this software running and improving it all the time with speedups, new features, bugfixes... just generally making sure your experience on is as smooth as possible.

We work really fast here at ClearView Social in the development department. We believe in Agile Project Management as well as nearly-continuous delivery, which means that specs turn into implemented code into unit-tested code into deployed code quite quickly here—often in the span of a single week. Because this means ClearView Social can improve pretty quickly, I'm beginning a weekly blog series of collected updates you might want to know about.

Let's talk about changes in the recent weeks leading up to July 11th, 2016!

PeakTime Weaves Multiple Twitter Shares Better

PeakTime™ is pretty popular with our users right now, and for good reason—the new optimized share times have broken previous click and Earned Media Value records. Network-wide, every day's click totals at ClearView Social in the post-PeakTime era has topped every day in the pre-PeakTime era!

Some astute users pointed out that scheduling three links on ClearView Social would result in some robotic-seeming Twitter schedules, such as:

  1. Link #1, First Twitter Post, 2pm
  2. Link #2, First Twitter Post, 5pm
  3. Link #3, First Twitter Post, 7pm
  4. Link #1, In-case-you-missed-it Twitter Post, 2pm
  5. Link #2, ICYMI Twitter Post, 5pm
  6. Link #3, ICYMI Twitter Post, 7pm

We've updated PeakTime to better shuffle timeslots across multiple days and weave the posts in and out of order with each other, for more interesting mixups. Follow-up posts won't strictly obey the orders of the originals and will move across timeslots more unpredictably to keep things interesting.

Detailed Help Page Inside The Software, with its 50+ articles, has been a huge development in our FAQ/Help Desk technology, but not everybody knows about it. Check out the Help link in our software for a great cross-section of our most requested FAQ articles as well as instructions for accessing support.


By the way, don't ever hesitate to use the blue chat bubble to start a support question. Our support chats average an industry-ridiculous less than ninety-second response time, which we're pretty proud of. Come say hi!


Changes To How Users Are Created

Three relevant changes have come to the user-creation process recently:

  • Once upon a time, we encouraged admins to collect their teams' LinkedIn emails to onboard them. Since we've long moved to the "send an invitation email" system, which prompts users to connect their LinkedIns themselves, we've retired the "please manually enter your users' LinkedIn emails" system as it was prone to typos and misunderstandings that were hard to resolve.
  • Sending queues to users who never accepted their invitations to the software was causing us to run afoul of several spam filters, as the filters are smart enough to understand that delivering emails continuously to people who never opted in is uncool behavior. To protect's reputation as a compliant sender, your users must accept their invitations in order to be sent queues. "Invited" users don't receive queues.
  • Need to upgrade some of those invited-but-not-accepted users to fully active users? Check out the new "Re-send all login emails" button!


See you next week with another update of what we've improved in ClearView over the last week!

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