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Why Marketers Must Learn to be Storytellers

Online content marketing is on the rise with no signs of slowing. With an influx of content available to viewers all day long, marketing professionals writing content have to adjust their approach to stand out. How? Storytelling.

For years, storytelling has been the backbone of the best marketing campaigns. Now, as a surfeit of content drives engagement down and makes it difficult to be different, storytelling defines the marketer.


Here are three things to keep in mind when storytelling online:

  1. Find the target audience.
  2. The protagonist should long for something. "Kurt Vonnegut once wrote that you must “Make your characters want something right away even if it’s only a glass of water.”"
  3. Have closure. In other words, "the character’s insightful choice brings the story to an end."


Marketers armed with the best practices for storytelling online will certainly have a leg up on their competition. How do YOU choose which content to consume online? Comment below with your favorite blogs!




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