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Your company post went viral... now what?

With social media being a universally accepted form of marketing, it's no wonder that digital marketers are beginning to utilize the channel more and more in order to increase their brand's exposure. "Going viral" is a super efficient way to get a ton of eyes on content and expose people to messaging.

Okay, now what? A piece of company curated content blows up on social with a ton of likes/comments/retweets. You think they'll just start lining up at the door wanting to buy your product/service...right?


Think again.

Simply having a solid social media presence is not enough. There needs to be a way to convert those likes/comments/retweets into tangible results or as we in the sales world like to call it - hot leads.


So why do you want to blow up on social media? Attention alone is completely irrelevant. Attention is not going to grow your sales. Lots of comments are not going to get you anything more than your fifteen minutes of fame. Think about how your social media channels fit into your overall strategy. What is your main goal of using social media? It must translate to more sales and greater profits for your company. So, before you start to tailor your content, consider what you want your target market to do. You may want them to contact you or you may want them to download a piece of content from your website. It could be a simple as driving content to your main web platform.


Including some sort of action item in the post is critical to converting your audience into leads. Wether that means encouraging visits to your website or enticing people to learn more about a specific product/service, there needs to be a call to action to engage users on social media. More about that here:



"How you phrase your calls to action on social media can be the difference between just racking up impressions online and actually generating sales" - John White


Producing great content is step one. Step two is getting your employees to share this content with their networks on social. Step three is converting engagement into new business.

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Alex Riesz is a Sales Development Rep with ClearView Social. He's passionate about technology that makes sales/marketing teams run more efficiently and effectively. He can be reached at

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